Clients about us.


.... S-Bank stopped my lending without any reason and wanted me to repay the loan. Interest rates were high, and I would have to withdraw insurance deposits to close the debt. It would have cost me very much. It's good that I found you, everything was super fast, without unnecessary red tape. Excellent service, for which I am very grateful.

M. Grossmann, A.-Villach


.... I started the laundry and urgently needed a new car. Without collateral I did not get a loan from a German bank. With your loan, I can now build my business, and for that I thank you ...

F. Sheibe, D-Kassel


.... My bank went crazy and demanded a new mortgage on my loan. When I got a loan from you, I went to my bank and repaid the loan in cash.

H. Baumann, D-Düsseldorf


.... I informed your partner in Switzerland by phone that I would like to suspend payment of contributions next month. The next day, a written confirmation was received. I'm surprised how quick and easy everything is with you.

C. Homes, D-Berlin


.... My wife and I get divorced and I wanted our home to be for me and children. No bank gave me a loan to give money to my wife so as not to sell the house and not divide the property. I turned to you and everything turned out, for which I am very grateful.

D. Hat, A Salzburg